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Delta Reporter Overview

Screenshot of Delta reporter

Delta Reporter is a next generation reporting tool, where results from all kind of tests are displayed in real time.

It is lightweight and easy to deploy and use. And of course, it's open source!!!

The primary goal of this tool is to bring the best testing experience. It is designed by QA Engineers for QA Engineers, so that the reports are simple, give the most important information at glance. It's a real game changer in terms of test maintenance experience, with all the data gathered in one place.

It can be used by any member of tech team, as it's providing a lot of add-on features to suit all needs.

The main features of this project are:

  • Monitoring all the automated tests involved on a software development flow in real time in one place

  • Keeping the history of the results on previous deployments

  • Automated comparison with older results to suggest type of failure (application change, test to be updated, platform issue)

Technology used

Flask - easy and lightweight micro web framework written in Python React - Next.js framework used in world’s leading companies PostgreSQL - open Source Relational Database

Start using Delta Reporter

There are few main steps to get the Delta Reporter running for your team. Please check out our Getting Started Guide for the details.

To dive into the look and feel, check out our Delta Demo Page.

Ask for support

Please don't hesitate to contact us or report a bug on Github Issues.